The Roobs

The Roobs

Supported by Gas Thief & The Developers

FRIDAY 4th DEC 2020 - 8.00pm

THE ROOBS hail from Hobart, Tasmania and indulge themselves in their love for all things trashy and Rock 'n' Roll. With a talent pool of band members from such notable pedigrees as The Philisteins, Powder Monkeys, Surfin' Poobahs and The Cryptics, to name just a few, they enjoy a notoriety unrivalled in their ilk and awed by their peers. Their sound is drawn from influences ranging from rockabilly surf and the psychedelic biker fuzztone sounds of the 60's, to the all out Detroit inspired, V-8 trashpunk rock'n'roll of the 70's & 80's, seasoned heavily with expressive guitar flailings and garnished with vocal harmonies that would have the heavens weep with adulation. All this delivered with a high-energy campness, riding on the shoulders of a snarling, bandito gunfighter with both guns blazing indiscriminately.

They take no prisoners..... And make no apologies!!!

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